Royal Arabian Tents and their craze in USA

Royal Arabian Tents Manufacturers

Royal Arabian tents have found a new market in the USA. More and more people now like to buy these exclusive designer tents for personal cocktail parties and friends get together. These tents are inspired from the rich Mughal era, when Akbar the Great ruled India. Special attention is paid to all the detailing of embroidery. It is truly a designer tent to give you a taste of the Royal Arabian and rich Indian era. We also make royal tents, cabanas, Arabian tents & marquees.

Indian Tents   Indian Tent

Arabian Tents for Party

We have the best quality tents for your wedding and party. The most elegant range of our Arabian Tents is the Dewaan E Khaas Tent, which means a Special Court Room for the King. Believe me, when you sit in this tent you will feel like a King !

arabian tent    Spa Tent

Buy Royal Tents

Hotels and Resorts buy these Tents for private guests and Spa. The interior of these tents are very splendid and grand to give you the feel of Arabian Nights era. Hookah party and Sheesha parties and also held in these Arabian theme Tents with low floor sittings. You can also read about the History of Tents, Click Here.