Exotic Tents: A Rich Historical Journey

History Of Tents

Throughout the history of mankind, Tents have provided temporary and transportable accommodation for use both during war and peace. Earlier they were made of linen, animal skins, felt, matting and even canvas. Tents are known to have sheltered mankind for centuries, in times of natural calamities, nomadic life, hunting expeditions, feasts, events, celebrations and gatherings etc. for over centuries, the exotic tradition of living and partying under the canvas has always aroused romanticism and extravagant involvement of the human kind. The Kings and Sultans have always had the rich tradition of camping in Luxury Tents for personal recreation, on Expeditions and wars.

Mughal Kings Tents

The Mughal Emperor Akbar, is said to have lavishly patronized art during his era, his style was a mixture of Persian and Indian motifs, which gets reflected in the magnificent Tents, Carpets, Furniture, captured by the Ottoman army in the seventeenth century. The Sultan had his court in a huge encampment of hundreds, even thousands of Tents, at the center of which was the ‘Tented Palace’ called the ‘Imperial Tent Complex’. The Imperial Tents were pavilions, walled in by a symbolic rampart of cloth and recognized by their size and the splendor of their decoration, both inside and out. Around the royal enclosure were grouped other imposing Tents of diminishing size belonging to high-ranking officers and officials. Within the royal enclosure is a great variety of Tents of differing size and function, including a Kitchen Tent, Dining Tent, Women’s Tent, Bath Tents, Toilet Tents and Stable Tents.

Medieval Tents

In European history, the Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. It began with the collapse of the Roman Empire, and was followed by the Renaissance. During this period many wars were waged and hence Tents became an integral part of these wars. The British Bell Tents, Officer’s Tents, Sutler’s Tents, Viking Tents, Warrior Square Tents, Tudor Pavilions were an integral part of the Medieval Era. Now we re – create the same magic with our authentic handmade Historic Period Tents

War Tents

Throughout recorded history Tents have provided temporary and transportable accommodation during war, be it on the march or during a war siege. During the reign of The Mughals, in India, Tent culture touched the zenith of its glory. Even their War Tents were elaborately decorated, The Tent Room of Maan Villas Rajasthan is an imperial Mughal campaign tent, used by Shahjahan but wrested by Jaswant Singh from Aurangzeb in a battle. Made of red velvet and embroider with gold thread, it gives some idea of the grandeur with which the Mughals approached even their battles. We make the best quality Army Tents today and supply to the military, world wide.

Hunter’s Tents

History, has it, as a young man, Akbar was extremely fond of hunting and outdoor sports. For days, he would camp in the dense jungles to savor his varied pleasures of chasing, and facing charging tigers and leopards to indulging in elephant fights. The Tents, used for camping were elaborately decorated, and provided with all the basic to luxurious amenities. They were mostly like mobile palaces.

Sutler’s Tent

While in times of war tents were used both while marching and during a siege. Sutler’s Tents and Huts provided encampment to the sutlers who were traveling merchants who sold goods to the troops during Wars.

Tent Theaters & Circus Tents

Theaters in Tents, for example, Jack Benny, will be celebrating season 40 this summer. The first tent was a 55′ Round Tangerine and green structure which seated about 200 in the audience, the first show in the Tent was Neil Simon’s Come Blow Your Horn , which excited an overwhelming response. Audiences flocked to the Tent in droves. Ever since, Tent Culture has a Great number of patrons who support it by returning to see the shows year after year. The Circus Tent has been known to us from generations.

Tent Prints

Printing on fabrics has been done since ancient times, with vegetable and flower dyes. Hand Block printing was done on fabric and used to decorate the tent interiors, beautiful patterns of flowers, vines, birds, animals and patterns were made on blocks and immersed in vegetable dys then printed on the fabrics. Jaipur prints, Jodhpur prints, Rajasthani prints are done on fabrics even today. We present to you the beautiful Tent Prints that we do on our Tent interiors.

We continuously work towards developing new prints & tent designs for our modern buyers. Our company works with environment friendly fabrics and organic cotton to make tents. We keep adding pictures of our New Tents to offer best tent designs to our clients.