Elegant Backyard Tea Tents: Relax in Style

Tents For Tea

Our elegant range of small canvas tents, comprise of Square shape, peaked Tents, used for tea party in the backyard. These tents are known as Tea Tents, as they are pitched in the garden or your back yard, where you can comfortably sit and relax and have Tea or Coffee with a small group of close friends. You can invite over your close friends for a cup of tea and leave them mesmerized with the beautiful ambiance and presentation of Tea and Coffee in your Tea Tent. Tea and Tents go hand in hand to host the most elegant tea party.

Tea Tents

The tent top is made up of two layers, Upper of water repellent + rot resistant cotton canvas in Natural color and inner of block printed cotton sheeting, we have lots of Traditional Prints to offer you. This Tent comes with detachable Canvas Walls and out held canopy as doorway. One window is generally provided in this tent, but this can be customized according to the specific needs of the buyer. Serving tea in a tent seems like a story from the royal era, when kings and monarchs used to host lunches and tea under a handmade canvas canopy, sitting pretty in their splendid gardens. Luxury Picnics are very common trend these days, we also make beautiful Luxury Picnic Marquees

Tea Lounge Tents

These days, Tea Tent Lounges are gaining popularity in the UK and many countries in Europe. Serving and Drinking Tea have moved from a bare necessity to a modern day luxury and that is where our Tea Tents come in. Our Tea tent has a beautiful out held canopy as its doorway, under which the tea table can be placed, with the kettle cups and some British cookies. This door flap can  be pulled down to close the tent from all sides.

Small Tents

The Tea tent is a small canopy that can be easily set up by one single person and similarly very easy to take down too. This Canopy can be customized to suite your specifications as well, the size, the colors, inner prints, curtains, outer valance everything can be customized for you. We use very carefully selected Bamboo poles, carved wooden pegs, hand twisted cotton ropes, beautifully carved wooden pole tops, iron pins accompany the Tea tent to set it up. We are leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Tea Tents, Small Canopy, Garden Gazebos for your personal use and also for event planners and companies.

Size: 1.5m x 1.5m Wall: 2m Center: 2.7m