Medieval Living Tents: Historical Re-creations

Warrior Square Tents

These Tents have been depicted in a number of paintings and sketches of the Middle ages. Hence they find their origin in the Military Camps of the Middle Ages. These tents were earlier used in wars as small military camps and fairs and festivals during happier times. Now days this tent is extensively used in Medieval Festivals by Medieval re-enactment groups. It is generally used as the Living Tents or Shopkeeper’s tent in the Medieval Festivals & Medieval Fairs.

Medieval Living Tents

Many people love to attend Medieval fairs and festivals and they require Tents to spend the nights at the Medieval Camps. Keeping the requirements of our clients in mind we make all our Medieval Tents. Each tent is handmade, made up of two layers, Outer of water-repellent + rot resistant Cotton Canvas in natural color or (Red, Mustard Yellow, Olive Green, Navy Blue), with lining of plain or printed cotton sheeting. We also do custom printing on the inner sheeting. The canvas walls are detachable, Iron pins are used to give the walls their slanting shape and a larger floor area. Mud flaps or sod flaps are given at the bottom of every wall to make the tent insect proof. You can peacefully sleep in your Medieval Tent.

Canvas Medieval Tents

The cotton Canvas used in our Tents is best quality heavy duty exterior grade. Hand quilting is done manually on each tent to give it the authentic Medieval look. This tent has two options of doors, either a split door or a flap door, which can also become an out held canopy. This canopy can cover only the doorway or it can also cover the entire front, making a porch to sit under. All History Period Tents are made keeping in mind the medieval paintings and scripts.

Historical Tents And Pavilions

Make your historical re-enactment more authentic and enjoyable with our beautiful Reproduction Tents. Our highly skilled tent makers hand stitch each canvas tent to suit the specifications of our individual client. The cotton ropes we use are all hand twisted in our own factory. We specialize in Historical Tents, Medieval Tents,Medieval Pavilions, Medieval Marquees, Burgundian Tents, Roman Tents and Civil War Tents.

Past Tents

We make perfect re creations of Medieval Pavilions & Tents, by using authentic Bamboo Poles, hand twisted Cotton Ropes, hand carved Wooden Pegs, and Wooden Pole Tops. Our Middle Age Tents are hand made to give them the ancient look and feel. Our expert craftsmen work with traditional tools to make the hand crafted tents for you. We also make hand carved Wooden Furniture for Medieval Tents.

Size: 3.6m x 3.6m Wall: 2m Center: 3.6m