Swiss Cottage Tents: Luxury Living Under Canvas

Swiss Cottage Resort Tents

These are Luxury Tents, also better known as the “Royal Cottage Tent” and were earlier designed for exclusive use by high ranked Army officers. These are now used as a Resort Tent for over night stays in hotels, resorts & farmhouses. This Tent has a Veranda or a porch in the front, a master bedroom in the middle and a washroom at the back. It is a Living Tent for over night stays in hotels, resorts and retreats. Our Resort Tents and Glamping Tents are used for camping and glamping in the Hills, deserts, and Jungle safari.

Best Quality Resort Tents

It is a double-fly Tent, made up of 4 layers of fabric. Outer Fly: it is made up of two layers. Upper of water repellent and rot resistant cotton canvas in Natural color Upper of water repellent cotton canvas in Natural color or it can be made in very durable, water-proof PVC fabric with lining of cotton sheeting. Inner Fly: Upper of cotton dosuti with lining of block printed cotton sheeting. You can choose your Inner Prints and Colors according to your requirements.

Resort Tents Manufacturers

Our Luxury Resort Tents have a porch in the front that is covered with Mosquito netted walls to prevent flies from entering the Tent. All windows have Mosquito netting as well for a Fly proof Tent. The porch area is used as sitting for tea time. Our design team understands your requirements and designs the best Living Tent for you. We are the Best Luxury Resort Tents Manufacturers in India. We have also supplied our Tents in Goa, for hotels and resorts.

Wall Tents

Tents for Resorts have detachable outer boundary walls that are made up of cotton canvas with lining of same inner lining as the ceiling. These are living tents to give you the comfort of your home, away from home while you are at a Camping Site. After a hectic day of tracking or mountaineering you can come back to your camp and have a good sleep in your cozy tent. These tents can also be air conditioned, keeping in view the hot weather.

Frame Resort Tents

These tents can also be designed to erect on a folding metal pipe frame with sockets. These tents can be easily erected on any camp site and then shifted to another destination. Our tents and their frames are very stable and sturdy and you can easily use them for years. We have a credit of supplying our Luxury Resort Tents to many hotels and resorts in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, and private use also.

Tent Accessories

Bamboo poles, wooden pegs, cotton ropes, wooden pole tops are all included with the tent. All the accessories that are necessary to erect the Swiss Cottage Tent are included with the tent, you will only need to buy an iron hammer to put the pegs. We have also uploaded videos of Tent Erection on You Tube for easy understanding of the erection process. The Erection Manual is also included with the Tent.

Our Indian Tents are very reliable and long lasting, contact us to order a customized tent today. You can personalize your Canvas tent with us. Our very efficient creative team will note down all your requirements and present the best model of Resort Tent for you.

Size: 3.6m x 7.2m & 4.2m x 8.4m