Stunning Party Tents: Elegance Redefined

Our party tents & canopies will always make your event special & elegant. A beautifully customized tent can help set the perfect mood & ambiance for the party that later becomes the talk of the town, that cannot be matched in any other way. We make the Best Party Tents in India.

Chaupal Tents

Small garden party tents and canvas canopy can add an extra charm to your party. Wedding vows and celebrations are best carried out in our smaller Garden Gazebos. The same tent on frame can be used for indoor party. We are sure you would love our range of Chaupal party tents for sale in India.

Haveli Tents

This frame tent is the cocktail & bar tent. It requires minimal seating, with a small food station and a bar. It is a frame tent and hence it has complete inner area for utilization. This space allowance is used accordingly in all our party tents for sale. We offer some of the best Haveli tents in India with the best and exquisite designs.

Hava Mahal Tents

This luxury tent is also known as the Maharaja Tent, a perfect ambiance for a wedding lunch under the sun, with a light breeze swaying the delicate voile drapes. Beautifully decorated with cotton prints, the interior gives a very royal to this luxurious tent. Celebrate your next event with the best Hava Mahal tents offered in India.

Marquee Tents

Weddings are made in Heaven and celebrated on Earth, under our beautiful marquees! Our marquees have splendid interiors, decorated with stars & mirrors or hand printed with beautiful Jaipuri patterns. We suggest our traditional Indian marquees and white canvas tents for your perfect wedding. We offer Designer handmade Tents from India.

Indian Tents

Each event and its purpose deserve individual attention and detailing to tent interiors. We design & develop all our Indian tents keeping in mind your theme colors & ethnic Indian prints. Based on your personal needs and preferences we customize Indian Tents for you, with beautiful hand block printed interiors.

Raj Tents

This is a beautiful Raj canopy for a relaxing summer afternoon. You can also use it as a garden party tent. It has a very royal interior and comes in both round shape and rectangular shape. We make the Best Indian Raj Tents. For a royal garden part, choose from our garden raj tents for sale.

Food Stalls

In outdoor parties, our small stall tents give the proper shade and presentation to your dishes. It comes in different shapes and sizes, according to your requirements. These are also known as Market Stall Tents. Give your food stall a new look with our selection of tents for sale.

Shamiana Tents

This is the beautiful and colorful sun shade from India. Used in traditional Indian weddings, this gives a very vibrant look to your party. You can buy this colorful party canopy from us. We are the Best Tents Manufacturers in India.

Tea Tents

The most luxurious way to host a private tea party in your backyard and lawn, is to order a beautiful tea tent we have for sale with us. These are easy to erect tents and can be set up in your Garden or even on a Picnic. Buy from our exclusive selection of tea tents for sale, today.

Kids Tents

Our exclusive range of Children’s Tents has tents such as the Round Tents, Hut Shape Tents, Peak top Tents, Kids Tipis, Kids Viking Tents and Play Houses for Kids. Out door garden tents for Children are made in Canvas, while indoor play houses are made in organic Cotton sheeting. Most of the Children’s Tents are erected on Frames and are very stable structures, very easy to erect and dismantle, metal pipe frame with sockets.