Star-shaped Desert Tents: Enduring Elegance

Desert Tents

This Tent is basically round in shape, the tent top is elongated into wings which gives the Tent a beautiful shape of a Star Tent. To bear the drastic climate conditions of the Desert, this Tent is made in Double Fly, i.e. three layers of fabric on the roof. These layers guard the interior from the scorching sun. This Star Shape Tents can easily cut the hot winds of the deserts and the air gap between the layers of canvas keep the interior of the tent cool, even in hot climate of the desert.

Tents For Desert

These Desert Tents have been specially designed as Living tents, for over night stay in deserts. The Tent top’s Upper fly is made of water-repellent + rot resistant Cotton Canvas, with Inner fly, upper of Cotton dosuti with Cotton sheeting, with beautiful print patterns on it. The detachable canvas walls are also made up of water repellent Canvas & rot resistant on the outside and printed cotton sheeting inside. Walls come with MUD FLAP of 8’’ so that sand does not come inside from beneath. It also makes the tent insect proof.

Wall Tents

Desert conditions require very durable and robust tents, to withstand the high wind velocities as well as the scorching heat of the sun. Strong and tensile cotton ropes are sewn into the tent top, to make it strong and stable. Our Best Quality Desert Tents are made from very heavy duty canvas, that are also breathable and hence do not suffocate you while you are sleeping inside your tent. We have supplied our Desert Tents to Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert.

Handmade Tents

We make Handmade Canvas Tents & Pavilions. Our entire range of Medieval Tents is mostly stitched by hands in our Tent Factory. We have a very experienced team of craftsmen and handwork tailors that do the hand quilting on each tent, hence making each tent a master piece. We have been making and exporting tents since 1972, with the aim of promoting Hand Made Tents all over the World. We are the original Tent Manufacturers from India.

Tent Accessories

Everything that is required to erect your Desert Tent is included with the tent, you will only need to buy an Iron hammer, to put the pegs. Bamboo poles, wooden pegs, cotton ropes, wooden pole tops, iron pins are all included with the tent. Erection manual is also included with the Tent. You can also buy Low Wooden Seats from us, as furniture for your tent. We have a wide range of Seats and stools to offer you.

Size: 3.6m & 4.5m Wall: 2m Center: 3.3m & 3.6m