Goa Tents: Luxurious and Nature-Close Living

Goa Tents

Tents are extensively used for Camping and Glamping these days, in Hotels and Resorts as they give you the Luxury of a room, yet so close to the nature. We also offer a wide range of Luxury Resort Tents. These Canvas Tents are Square shape, single pole peaked Tents. Traditionally these tents are known as the Single pole Tents and Peak Tents, used as a living tent, tent for garden party, as a small conference tent, as reception tent or simply as a resort cottage tent, it is erected on a single center bamboo pole. We have erected many such Living Cottages in Goa, and hence the name Goa Tent.

Holiday Tent

The tent top is made up of two layers, Upper of water repellent + rot resistant cotton canvas in Natural color and inner of block printed cotton sheeting, we have many more options of Traditional Block pattern Prints to offer you. This Tent comes with detachable Canvas Walls and out held canopy as doorway. One or Two doors and two windows are generally provided in this tent, but this can be customized according to the specific needs of the buyer.

Canvas Living Tent

Camping is the way of life for some people, but other like to taste it only once in a while, so our Goa Tents are the best bet ! These Outdoor Camping Canvas Tents are very reasonably priced and easy to set up, using two people. It can easily host two adults and two children for a night stay. You can also use it as an extra room in your house, by putting it up in your backyard, for visiting family and friends. This tent is waterproof and you can have a sound sleep under it.

Tented Camps

We have set up huge Camp Sites in Goa, hosting many visitors, tourists and corporates. Goa Tent, can be used as a canopy and sun shade by removing the side walls and made into a room, by putting up the walls. This tent has a beautiful out held canopy as its doorway. This flap can be pulled down to close the tent from all sides and used for over night stay. Carefully selected Bamboo poles, carved wooden pegs, cotton ropes, beautifully carved wooden pole tops, iron pins accompany the Goa Tent to easily erect it. We make customized Size also.

Size: 3.6m x 3.6m Wall: 2m Center: 3m