Exquisite Decoration Items: Elevate Your Event

Our collection includes very pretty hand painted Kettles and artificial flowers for the entrance, as center pieces or just simply hanging from the branches of trees. We also make beautifully hand painted Aluminum Kettles for decoration. Pickle jars in all sizes are also available with us, to be used as decoration pieces and flower vases.

We specialize in making fiber glass Urli, for your Haldi ceremony and Mehandi night functions. Our Food carts, Mandap Chairs and Mandap Stools are most sought after items for Desi weddings. We make the best quality, hand painted and decorated food carts with Tent shed and Decorated Rickshaws for Bride & Groom entry, or simply as Photobooths.

Sangeeta International also provides hand Woven Wooden Cots, Fiber glass Paisley Backdrops and beautifully embelished and embroided curtains for your stage decoration and backdrops. We are currently working with many prestigeous event companies in the USA, England and Australia. We provide them our best quality tents, wooden furniture, Silk Umbrellas and fancy desi wedding accessories.