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Indian Party tents & gazebos are best selling world wide to host small personal events. We make small canvas canopies for your personal party, in private lawns & gardens. This folding canopy is very easy to erect & dismantle for garden party. You only need 2 people ti erect this canopy. It comes in various colors, as you can see in the pictures.

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Authentic Hand Made Tents

We have the Best and most experienced tailors and craftsmen of tents, some of them are working with us from the last 25 to 30 years. We do not compromise in any way on quality or craftsman ship and trial pitch almost every tent in our factory to check for any flaws before packing the tent up for dispatch. You can completely rely on our creative team to suggest the best designs for your customized tents and marquees. To know more About Us, click here.

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Tent Furniture

Add some beautiful Low Wooden Seats to your Tent for a perfect setting. We offer, mandap stools, low wooden chairs, Velvet top stools and also Wooden day cots. We also make low floor sitting with mattress and Bolsters for the Royal seating.