How do I care for a fabric boho canopy?

To care for a fabric boho canopy, gently spot clean with mild detergent and water, or follow specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer for best results.

Can a boho canopy be used indoors?

Yes, boho canopies can be used indoors to create a cozy and stylish atmosphere, whether draped over beds, hung in corners, or used as decorative accents.

What are some common applications for stall tents?

Common applications for stall tents include outdoor markets, festivals, trade shows, fairs, food stalls, promotional events, and temporary retail spaces, providing shelter and display areas for vendors.

How can I brand or personalize my stall tent?

You can brand or personalize your stall tent by adding logos, custom graphics, or colours to the fabric. Additionally, you can use banners, signage, or flags for further branding.

Are stall tents customizable?

Yes, stall tents are customizable. Vendors can often personalize their tents with branding, logos, and colours, as well as choose accessories to tailor the setup to their specific needs.