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Resort Tents

Resort Tents

The History of these royal cottage tents goes long back to the era of the Kings and Monarchs. When the Kings used to go for hunting in the forest, they used these tents as living cottages for over night stay in the jungle. We make Waterproof Tents for Resorts.

 Water Proof PVC Tents

waterproof tents

These are 100% water-proof tents, erected on easy to erect & dismantle, strong metal frames. Interiors are made of decorated fabrics. These are used by resorts on hill stations to withstand strong winds & rains. Best Quality Resort Tents are available with us.


Swiss Cottage Tents :

Swiss Cottage Tents

These studio tents are a part of all the high end hotels these days, where guests like to stay in these swiss cottage tents and have a private verandah, bathroom and bedroom in the middle of the green and close to nature. We are the leading Luxury Resort Tents Manufacturers in India.


Safari tents :

Jungle Safari Tents

These are very commonly used in African safari, Jungle Safari Tents as living cottages in forests and Jungle Resorts. These are frame tents, erected on easy to erect and dismantle metal pipes and sockets. They have huge windows, to view the greenery and beautiful nature around you. It is a family tent, where you can spend your vacations in jungle, with your family right in the nature’s lap.


Resort Tents  : 

tent for resort

These luxury tents are made with more elaborate interiors for the luxury resorts, hotels, African safari, jungle safari, green belt areas, forest reserves, where construction is not allowed. Our Luxury Resort Tents are very fairly priced.

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