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Indian Tents

Indian Tents

These Indian Pavilions are Octagon – Shape (8 – sided) peaked tents, with NO center pole, so it gives entire inner area for utilization. These Indian Party Tents can be made to erect on Folding Metal pipe Frame. These Frame Tents can be erected on Hard Grounds as well. These Tents have, Five Canvas Walls. The rest of the poles have voile curtains, and can be tied with tassels and tiebacks. These Tents can be used as small shops, stalls on exhibitions, parties, fairs etc.

Indian Tent Manufacturers

The tent top is made up of two layers of fabric, outer of water-repellent & rot resistant cotton canvas in Natural color and Inner of printed or plain cotton sheeting. Erected on Metal Pipe Frame, this tent has NO center pole. We make the Best Indian Tents.

Handmade Tents

We make all our Tents by Hand, the Voile pole drapes are hung around the side poles and can be tied with tassels and Tiebacks. We offer Designer Handmade Tents from India.

Frame Tents

This Indian Tent is erected on a folding metal pipe Frame with sockets. All standing poles have Base plates for more stability. It has NO center poles, hence full inner area for utilization. Making it easy to erect even on Hard grounds and concrete floors.

Canvas wall Tents

This Tent has Five Canvas walls, for some privacy. The rest of the poles have voile curtains, and can be tied with tassels and tiebacks. We are the Best Indian Tents Manufacturers.

Tent Accessories

The Indian Raj Tent comes complete with all accessories, Pole Covers, Wooden pole tops, Cotton tassels with tie backs etc.

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