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Arabian Tents

Arabian Tents

India has a royal history of the Mughals Kings, Rajputs and Lucknow Nawabs, who encouraged and patronized hand embroidery on clothes as well as their tents and accessories. The use of golden thread work dates back to the ancient times in India, giving the look and feel of royalty.

Royal Arabian Tents

Deewan E Khaas Tents

Drawing inspiration from the patterns of the Taj Mahal and other famous monuments, we have exclusively designed our Dewaan E Khaas Tent. It has a rich Arabian interior with hand embroidery on velvets, satins and mirror work. With this tent we have revived the royal tradition of sitting on mattresses with bolsters and enjoying the drinks and Hookah.


Indian Wedding Tents

wedding tents manufacturers

These are very pretty Indian wedding tents.  Mehndi or Heena ceremony is an integral part of the Indian and Islamic weddings. It is a pre-wedding party tent, used for applying heena on the bride’s palms and her friends. This tent adds an extra oomph to the entire pre-wedding ceremony. Our handmade Wedding Tents are made in the traditional manner with modern designs and techniques to make your wedding an elegant one.


Moroccan Theme Party Tents

Moroccan Tents

Ottoman Tents and the Moroccan Theme Party Tents are very brightly colored and have a very dramatic look with the Arched gateways. These Tents are very flexible as they can be put with Canvas Arches and look Moroccan or they can be just put with Curtains and called Grand Pavilion Tents.

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