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A terrace Bar & Restaurant approached us to make a soft top canopy for their outer dining area on the Terrace ! They were using it for outdoor dinning in the evening. We undertook this project and specially designed and made their Terrace Frame Tents on easy to erect & dismantle frames, with hand block printed interiors matching the color schemes of the restaurant. The voile curtains give a privacy and very cool ambiance to the patio. The rest of the story is told by the pictures…

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Our Frames are very sturdy and stable structures, we give broad base plates at the bottom of each pole to make the frame stand strong even during winds and rains. The advantage of a frame tent is that it can be easily pitched on the concrete floor of the terrace and it has no center poles, so you have the full inner area for utilization. The frames are very easy to erect and dismantle, so it has more functionality than the traditional tents and canopies.

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We are presenting a picture of the Roof Top Tent used in a Restaurant here in New Delhi. As you can see, the sitting looks marvelous with the Cabanas on the Terrace ! Yes, it is definitely more stylish and upmarket to put small tents and cabanas than putting Umbrellas for shade and cover. We are leading manufacturers and exporters of Roof Top Tents and Frame Tents for the Terrace.

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