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The main purpose behind holding corporate events is to bring together professionals and executives to form social bonds and public relations, and at the same time giving them a special personal experience, What can be better than holding your function in a Party Tent !!! A relevant theme for the tent helps is expressing a lot of ideas and sets the mood for higher interactions. Using Tents and Cabanas in your corporate event gives a High end quality to your party as well as a personal touch. We have Big Marquees, Event Tents and Pavilions for your Corporate Conferences, Networking events, Launching & Opening Ceremonies, VIP events, Special Corporate parties and, Milestone Parties.

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Best Indian Raj Tents for Events

We customize our tents according to the theme and occasion of our client. Our event tents are best suited for Weddings, Birthday party, Milestone celebrations and Events. We also make best quality Sun Shades and Garden Umbrellas for your events and party.

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This Beautiful Party Marquee has been designed and developed by our creative team for Select Hotels in New Delhi. This is a Frame Tent, hence it has been pitched on the terrace for the party. The outer Canvas is rain proof and inner lining is made in golden stars and mirrors. The mirrors reflect the lamp lights at night, giving the beautiful illusion of a Starry sky. The side walls give privacy to this tent and hence air conditioning can also be used within the tent. You can remove the walls and put up only sheer drapes to let in breeze and light during the day party. We are the Best Manufacturers and Exporters of Party Tents and Marquees.