Top 5 Tents for Kids

Tent House for Kids

We make small play houses for our younger friends. These tents are made from breathable cotton fabric in vibrant stripes, dots and children’s prints. These Kids Tents come with easy to erect folding metal frames. Our frames are very sturdy & very stable structures. Your child will love to erect the tent like building blocks. By looking at the pictorial erection manual included with the Kid’s Tent. Yes, Believe me, it is a Child’s Play !!!

Kids Tents   Tribal Tipi for Kids

Small Tents for Kids  

Our Premium range of Best Seller Kids Tent is the Hut Shape Tents. These have metal frames, that are very sturdy and easy to erect, your child will have his private play area within your living room or garden and play peacefully. The next best seller is the Kids Mahal range of Tents. The Kids Mahal for boys comes in turquoise and green colors, while the Kids Mahal for girls comes in Pink, fuchsia, and red colors. We have more variants of these tents, with us, you can also customize according to color of your kid’s room and theme.

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Kids Tents & Tipis

Our Kid’s Special range of tents includes the Kid’s Teepee Tents and Kid’s Viking Tents. The Tipi are pre-assembled Tents and you just need to place them on the floor and the child plays in it. The Viking can be easily assembled by looking into the erection manual that accompanies each tent. So, this season, gift your child the luxury to play in a professionally made Kid’s Tent. For more About Us, click here.

Kids viking tent   Kids Tipi Tent