New Moroccan Theme Party Tent

Best Seller Ottoman Tents

This is the very beautiful Moroccan Theme Party Tent – The Ottoman Tent. The striking combination of Gold Top and Red Walls have been specially created for our client. He has an event company that does only high profile weddings. This extraordinary Ottoman Tent is erected on a Metal frame structure and has Arch shaped doorways on all the sides. The entry to this beautiful tent can be from any one side or from all the sides.

Moroccan Tents   Moroccan Tent

Moroccan Tents

These Round Pavilions can be used to transform the Ball Rooms, for weddings and events, as these Moroccan Frame Tents can be erected indoors as well. Put them up with arched walls and they become Moroccan Theme Party Tents, remove the walls and these Tents get transformed into Pavilion Tents and beautiful Indian Tents. You can also see for your self.

Grand Pavilion   Ottoman Tent

Tent Furniture

We offer the best quality wooden furniture, to go with your Party Tent. We make very fine quality Low Wooden Seats and Stools with matching color covers as your tent, to go with the whole decor. You can choose between Silk covers with fine embroidery patterns and rich cotton covers with hand Block Printing

Low Wooden Seat    Tent Furniture