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Do you want a very exclusive & out of this world Wedding ? Well we have the answers to all your queries about making your wedding the most elegant and the talk of the town ! Gone are the days of the traditional and age old Shamianas, and too boring & plain Pipe Pandals. We offer you the latest and the most beautifully decorated Wedding Cabanas, canopies, gazebos, specially designed and made to order for your big day. We offer a wide range of elegant Cabanas & Pavilions for the wedding ceremony and a beautifully decorated Wedding Canopy for the Bride & Groom, thereafter.

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We make top of the line Cabanas & Gazebos in matching or strikingly contrast colors, drapes, hand block prints, delicate hand embroidery, embellishments, golden tassels & tie backs. All your guests are gonna love your taste & class. 

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We know the art of creating the most elegant Party Marquees for your Big Day. This Tent in particular was designed and developed for an Events company in Australia, for Weddings and Events. The color scheme was suggested by our client and we sourced the same colors as she wanted them to make this Tent stand out in the crowd. Ever since then, it has been one of our Best Seller Pavilion Tents. We have also made a few similar Tents in other color combinations, be sure to out our entire range of Indian Tents.