Moroccan Tents

Moroccan Theme Party Tents

The Moroccan Tents are also better known as Ottoman Tents. These Tents specially stand out due to their striking design of Arch gateways and contrast color combinations. These Tents add a mysterious look to your party and can also drastically change the monotonous Ball Room into a live and dramatic party hall. A Moroccan Tent also gives a more intimate and private area to the Bride and Groom inside the Big Hall. The big advantage of having a Luxurious Tent inside the Banquet Hall is that it gives a very rich and colorful background to the wedding photography too. Our Indian Tents are also used as props at Weddings and Events.

Arabian Nights Theme Party

All the Fairy Tales and Stories have the very essential element – A Royal Tent ! A private Tent of the Prince and his Princess. We have re – created the same old world charm in our Ottoman Tents and Pavilions. The rich red color is combined with gold to make it stand out. The Indian Tents add a dash of color and a special personal touch to every event that they are a part of. Customize your wedding Tent with us, choose your own colors, fabrics, prints, and the entire decor of the Ottoman Tent. The beautiful Arched Doorways, lead the beautiful entrance to this Tent from all sides, and hence increase the usability of this Tent. Remove the Walls and you transform this Tent into a Beautiful Pavilion Tent.

Indian Wedding Tents

These Indian Tents are also a perfect buy for our very own Exclusive Indian Weddings. As all Indian Wedding have a lot of bright colors, sparkle and Grand Splendor in them, so our Pavilions and Grand Pavilions are best suited for them. In Indian Weddings, the festivities start with the Heena, Mehndi Function, then we move on to the Traditional Song & Dance Party the Lady’s Sangeet, Then comes the main Wedding day and that is followed by The Reception party, and we have a very bright colored, distinct and elegant range of Tents for all your occasions.

Ottoman Tents

These Moroccan Tents are also used as Hookah Bar Tents and for Sheesha Party. The Arabian Theme also includes sitting on the floor, on Mattress, with Round Pillows and Bolsters. These are mostly private parties and our clients host high class parties in our Moroccan Tents and Ottoman Tents. We print Golden Stars on the ceiling and a single mirror is stitched onto every star to make it sparkling in the night Party lights. This mirror work on the ceiling gives the starry effect at night and looks very beautiful. We also make matching Covers for the Low Wooden Seats and Bolsters. Wedding Umbrellas and decorated Silk Umbrellas can also be used to decorate the Tent for a wedding and other events. We are the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Moroccan Tents & Tent Furniture in India.