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Color & Prints

Our expert design team has carefully designed many patterns in various colors to give elegant interiors to your Tent. Kindly choose the base fabric and print pattern according to your requirement and we shall print it for you.

Block Prints for Tents

Beela Red             Beela Grey            Champa

Beela in Red Block Print                   Beela Grey Block Print               Champa Flower Block Print


Jaal Print              Bagiya Print              Bagiya print yellow 

Jaal Print in yellow Color                       Bagiyya Print in Coffee                    Baggiya Print in Yellow


Ambika              Star n mirror              Lis Flower

Paisley Print Ambika                       Golden Star & Mirror Print            The French Lis Flower in Black


Maharaja                  Maharaja print                      Mayuri

 Maharaja Print in Green          Maharaja Print in Lemon Yellow         Mayuri Print in Black Outline


Ambika Blue                 shield print              french lis flower

Blue Paisley Print Ambika        Medieval Shield Key Print                    The French Lis Flower in Yellow


Valance Designs for Tents

Printed Valance (1)   Printed Valance (6)

Red Print Valance with Golden Tassels & Star & Mirrors     Blue Print Valance with Golden Stars & Mirrors


golden tassels valance      block printed valance

Roman Valance Red with Golden tassels          Block Printed Roman Valance with Red Piping 


Indian Tents Design     Indian Tent Design

Roman Valance with Print Borders


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