The army has a very long and glorious past of using tents, both during war and peace. In army, the tents are allotted according to the rank of the officer. Apart from living tents, the army uses tents for parade, army hospital , saluting dice, war control rooms, store rooms, bunker tents.

Army Tents

These are very easy to put up units, and 100’s of tents can be easily erected in a very short span of time, creating a tented colony. We have the privilege of supplying our Hospital Tents in Kargil and for many other army operations and Military regiments.

General Service Tents

These Tents are used for general purposes, for Camping, over night stays, as receptions, for Relief purpose, or as Dinning Halls or even as barracks. These Tents are also known as General Purpose Tents and Tambu Tents.

Refugee Tents

Used at the time of natural calamity and disaster, the relief tents give quick shelter to the affected and homeless people. These units are very easy to set up and provide emergency relief to the homeless from the rain, sun and cold weather. We make them in water-repellent canvas and also HDPE.