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We offer our new range of Living Tents for Resorts & Hotels. Best Quality Canvas tents, that are very durable and resist Rains at the same time and they will last you almost 5 to 7 years. You can also air condition your Swiss Cottage tents in the summers. They come is a variety of colors, interiors and Sizes. The most common Tent sizes are : 12ft x 24ft, 14ft x 28ft and 16ft x 32ft size. We have a credit of supplying our Tents to Hotels, Resorts, Retreats, Jungle Safari, Green Belt recreation Lodges and many more.

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Our Living Tents are pitched on Camp sites and trekking sites for tourists. The rooms are so cozy and comfortable that they provide you a home away from home and close to the nature. Our Resort Tents offer the best camping experience !

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We make a wide range of Resort Tents, such as the Swiss Cottage Tents, Jungle Safari Tents, Luxury Resort Tents, Waterproof PVC Tents, Vinyl Resort Tents, General Purpose Tents, General Service Tents and the range is endless…