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Medieval Tents

Medieval Tents

Medieval Tents

In European history, the Middle Ages, or Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. During this time, a number or wars were waged, and tents were an integral part of these wars. The Medieval tents had many shapes and uses, there were the Round Pavilions, the imperial pavilion, round end marquees, bell tents, double wedge tents, tudor pavilion, saxon tents, sulter’s tent.

Pavilions :

medieval pavilion

The round shape is inspired from the paintings of the middle ages, to give the beautiful slanting shape to the canvas walls, giving larger inner area for utilization and the authentic feel of the middle ages. These are the Round Pavilion Tents.


Historic Period Tent :

Oval Pavilion

We make handmade historic period tents, our craftsmen are specially trained to do the ancient hand quilting on our history tents, giving it the ethnic authentication of the previous times. The slanting walls, the special attention to valance, flags, inner medieval prints and every minute detail, has made us very popular with many medieval re-enactment groups.


Warrior's Tent :

period pavilion

Our each medieval tent is designed and developed, after very careful examination of the medieval paintings and literature available. Sangeeta International, are leading Manufacturers of medieval tents, for the medieval re-enactment festivals. We make hand made cotton canvas tents, historic tents & imperial pavilions for medieval groups.


Tent for Burning Man :

Desert Tents

We make desert tents for the burning man festival. These tents can very well withstand the harsh climate conditions of the desert and protect you from the scorching sun and sand storms. These are also known as Desert Tents, and have been pitched in the Nevada Desert.


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  • We love you for the beautiful red marquee, it was the show. James & Maria
  • The frame of the Tent can take the weight of a baby elephant!. Russell (Australia)
  • I just received my order. Thanks a lot to all co-workers. You. Regis & Kerbie (France)
  • I want to let you know that everything went well on our Festival. Sabina (Netherlands)
  • Yes I did use the Medieval tent, and I must say Iam very impressed.. Michael Zwiers (USA)
  • We have received the frame tents and they are really beautiful. Eleanor (Switzerland)
  • Our tent arrived just in time and we were delighted with the. Tessa Kemp (UK)
  • We've pitched the tents several times by now and are very pleased with them. They are absolutely gorgeous. Harma Lever (Amsterdam)
  • We would like to thank you for the great Indian tents that. Cécile (Switzerland)
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