28 Sep

Tents & Kids Carnival

play house for kids

Kids Tents for Sale

Tent Mahal is proud to participate in a One Day Showcase & Sale of our Kids Tents range @ DLF Emporio. All kids loved to sit & Play and be photographed in our kids tents, we have a few pictures of our cute little guests & sweet posers. We loved to see their admiring & awestruck eyes, as they saw our tent from our Princess collection on display. Our Stall was A1 and it lived upto its name !!! Here are some of our Best seller kids tents!

Portable & Folding Kids Tents

Tent for Girls    Kids Tents

Play House Tent

Keep your kids away from the electronic gadgets and gift them the joy to play in a play tent house of their own. Our tents are very easy to set up, the kids love to set up their tents on their own by looking at the erection manual that accompanies all our Kids Tents. Our little guests enjoyed posing in the tent and did not wish to leave at all !

Gift for Girls     tents for girls

Tent House for Girls

Our frame tents are very stable structures and the girls love to play in our tents, the Kids Teepee Tents are a new addition to our on going collection to kids play houses. The Kids Teepee tents are pre assembled and you just need to open the pack and place it on the ground, it is as easy as 1 2 3, so your kids are gonna love it absolutely !

kids tent for sale    Kids Teepee tent





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