19 Oct

Best gifts for Kids this Festival Season !

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Latest Gifts for Kids

We took our Kid’s Tents to exhibitions and activity displays and we noticed that all Kids love to play in our small tents. They love to pose for pictures and take selfies too. We exhibited our kids tents at City Select Mall this Saturday & Sunday and we had all the kids drooling all over our kid tents. We have captured a few special moments of the exhibition for you. We make the best kids tents, play house for kids, tents for boys, tents for girls, small tents, baby tents and play tents for kids. Our tents are made of breathable cotton fabric that is very safe for kids.

Kids Tents for Sale

All kids are pretty posers and this in particular is the Kid’s Mahal Tent for Girls. Inspired from the very royal and majestic look of the Taj Mahal our very creative and talented design team has specially designed and developed this open tent for girls. The mattress and bolsters give them the feel of a princess sitting in her private Tent !

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Round Pavilion Tent for Kids

This Round Tent has been inspired from the paintings and wall art of the Middle Ages. During Medieval Period, the warriors and other high ranked soldiers used these as Living tents and Camping tents. We have re-created history for our children, to play and learn !

kids tents manufacturerskids tent manufacturers

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